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SECULAND Face Recognition Syst

SECULAND Face Recognition System

Security protection for entries and exits of airport, custom, railway and metro station is a big headache for the security departments. Conventional monitoring are not so good at face recognition; duty men are hard to keep focused for long time; data is too huge to store; no effective techniques help posterior investigation. However, our face recognition system can get personal information of distant people without their notice and recognize their identities, saving much labor and time. It satisfies various application scenarios, especially where mass monitoring data is indispensable.
Main application scenarios:
Ø  Immigrations at airports and customs
Ø  Entries and exits at railway stations, metro stations and harbors
Ø  Entries and exits at governments, courts, procuratorates and office buildings
Ø  Entries and exits at gyms and museums
Solution Value
“Unified Surveillance”, firstly proposed by SECULAND, symbolizes a new era of integrated surveillance business. Face recognition and conventional video surveillance functions are able to cover divided surveillance markets.  
VSS Platform Integration: face recognition can be integrated into video surveillance system (VSS); VSS client provides basic video surveillance functions, as well as face recognition functions.

Independent networking: face recognition system can be independently networked. Cameras at checkpoints transmit real time videos to the face recognition server for face detection, face feature extraction and face comparison; standalone clients can check analysis results and real time videos of checkpoints; the clients and IP cameras at checkpoints are P2P connected, so the video streams won’t go through VSS platform. Independent networking is generally for small and island applications. Standalone clients provide only a few video surveillance functions and face recognition result.

Solution Strength
Ø Adopt the networked cooperative distributed structure: platform analysis server is able to analyze and compare multi-channel real time videos
Ø  Be integrated into VSS platform; provide face comparison photos, real time videos and video records of checkpoints
Ø  Support multi-channel real time surveillance videos
Ø  Face recognition information management: create and manage personal files and biological recognition data
Ø  Manage visual alarms and graphic surveillance lists
Ø  Support multiple databases
Ø  Provide recognition software SDK for easy integration
Ø  Support multiple modes to acquire registration photos
Ø  Auto face detection and recognition
Cooperation Strength
SECULAND has leading system delivery capability, thanks to its rich experience in survey, design, construction and maintenance in security industry. SECULAND has global customer support centers, maintenance/repair centers and 96 local maintenance centers world widely. Over 300 professional engineering supervisors and certificated construction team guarantee reliable, safe and punctual project engineering. Customers can enjoy excellent delivery services. SECULAND cares about “cooperation and win-win” and helps customers promoting human resource values.