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Surveillance Solution for Prison

Surveillance Solution for Prison
SECULAND Integrated Surveillance Solution for Prison

Ø Many in-prison crimes and gang activities
Ø Limited police forces can hardly cover every corner
Ø No unified management platform to link all security subsystems 
Ø Lack of sharing of surveillance videos and remote surveillance
Ø Hard to investigate in-prison crime because of the shortage of direct visual evidences
Ø Lack of IP or informationization means to prevent in-prison crimes
SECULAND proposes a surveillance solution for banking industry to ease customer minds. Solution is an IP-based monitoring and command system customized for prisons. This system integrates video, audio, perimeter defense, people positioning and track, and online monitoring.
1. Integrated management platform & all IP video surveillance.
2. High definition & large storage capacity to keep clear evidence.
3. Smart video analysis technology.
4. Real-time positioning and record moving tracks.
5. Security subsystems are interlinked.
6. Around-the-clock monitoring and video online.

Customer Benefits
Ø Save police forces, improve management efficiency, reduce administration costs and save social and judicial resources
Ø    Effectively reduce and control in-prison crimes and violence
Ø    All-around monitoring to enhance prison security and reduce in-prison incidents
Ø    Share realtime in-prison information to respond fast and follow unified dispatch and command
Ø    Justify judicial fairness by taking videotapes as evidences